Выржения на букву U

under no circumstances AND not under any circum­stances никогда.
Пример:  ANDREW: Under no cir­cumstances will I ever go back there again! RACHEL: Why? What happened?
Пример:  SUE: Can I talk you into serving as a referee again? MARY: Heavens, no! Not under any circum­stances!

under normal circumstances при нормальных обстоя­тельствах; обычно; как правило.
Пример:  "We'd be able to keep the dog at home under normal circumstances," said Mary to the vet.
Пример:  "Under normal circumstances you'd be able to return to work in a week," explained the doctor.

Until later.   See (Good-bye) until then.

Until next time.   See Good-bye for now.

Until then.   See (Good-bye) until then.

Until we meet again.

Until we meet again.   See Good-bye for now.

Use your head! AND Use your noggin!; Use your noo­dle! Подумайте!; Пошевелите мозгами!
 ТОМ: I just don't know what to do. MARY: Use your head! You'll figure out something.
Пример:  ANDREW: Come on, John, you configure it out. A kindergartner could do it. Use your noggin! JOHN: I'm doing my best.

Use you noodle!   See Use your head!