Выражения на букву K

Keeping busy. See (I've) been keeping busy.; (Have you) been keeping busy?

Keeping cool. See (Have you) been keeping cool?; (I've) been keeping cool.

Keeping myself busy. See (I've) been keeping myself busy.

Keeping out of trouble. See (I've) been keeping out of trouble.

keep in mind that   See keep (it) in mind that.

Keep in there! Продолжайте попытки, постарайтесь ещё.
Пример:  ANDREW: Don't give up, Sally. Keep in there! Sally: I'm doing my best!
Пример:  JOHN: I'm not very good, but I keep trying. FRED: Just keep in there, John.

Keep in touch. He забывайте, звоните/пишите иногда.
Пример: RACHEL: Good-bye, Fred. Keep in touch. FRED: Bye,
Пример:  SALLY (throwing kisses): Good-bye, you two. MARY (waving good-bye): Be sure and write. SUE: Yes, keep in touch.

keep (it) in mind that слова, вводящие напоминание о том, что нужно помнить.
Пример:  BILL: When we get there I want to take a long hot shower. FATHER: Keep it in mind that we are guests, and we have to Jit in with the routines of the household.
Пример:  SALLY: Keep it in mind that you don't work here anymore, and you just can't go in and out of offices like that. FRED: I guess you're right.

Keep it up! 1. Продолжайте работать так же хорошо!; Продолжайте делать это.; Постарайтесь ещё.
Пример:  JANE: I think I'm doing better in calculus. JOHN: Keep it up!
Пример:  SALLY: I can now jog for almost three miles. FRED: Great! Keep it up!

2. Продолжайте делать так же и посмотрим, что с вами будет. (Сравните с (Go ahead,) make my day!)
Пример:  JOHN: You're just not doing what is expected of you. BILL: Keep it up! Just keep it up, and I'll quit right when you need me most.
Пример:  "Your behavior is terrible, young man! You just keep it up and see what happens," warned Alice. "Just keep it up!"

Keep (on) trying. AND Don't quit trying, фраза, которой поощряют дальнейшие усилия для достижения чего-либо. Пример:  JANE: I think I'm doing better in calculus. JOHN: Keep trying! You can get an А.
Пример: SUE: I really want that promotion, but I keep getting turned down. BILL: Don't quit trying! You'll get it.

Keep out of my way. AND Stay out of my way. 1. Уйдите с (моей) дороги.
Пример:  JOHN: Keep out of my way! I'm carrying a heavy load. BILL: Sorry.
 "Keep out of my way!" shouted the piano mover.

2. He мешайте мне.
HENRY: I'm going to get even no matter what. Keep out of my way. ANDREW: Keep it up! You'll really get in trouble.
JOHN: I intend to work my way to the top in this business. MARY: So do I, so just keep out of my way.

Keep out of this! AND Stay out of this! Это не ваше де­ло, так что не вмешивайтесь.
Пример:  JOHN: Now you listen to me, Fred! MARY: That's no way to talk to Fred! JOHN: Keep out of this, Mary! Mind your own business! FRED: Stay out of this, Mary! MARY: It's just as much my business as it is yours.

Keep quiet. AND Keep still. Замолчите и не разговари­вайте.
Пример:  John: I'm going to go to the store. Bill: Keep quiet. JOHN: I just said... BILL: I said, keep quiet! Пример: CHILD: I want some candy! MOTHER: Keep still.

Keep quiet about if.   See Keep still about it.

Keep smiling, прощальная фраза, призывающая собе­седника оставаться в хорошем настроении.
Пример:  JOHN: Things are really getting tough. SUE: Well, just keep smiling. Things will get better.
Пример:  BILL: What a day! I'm exhausted and depressed. BOB: Not to worry. Keep smiling. Things will calm down.

Keep still.   See Keep quiet.

Keep still about it. AND Keep quiet about it. He говорите об этом никому.
Пример:  BILL: Are you really going to sell your car? MARY: Yes, but keep quiet about it.
Пример: JOHN: Someone said you're looking for a new job. SUE: That's right, but keep still about it.

Keep this to yourself, слова, предшествующие сообще­нию, которое должно быть сохранено в секрете.
Пример: ANDREW: Keep this to yourself, but I'm going to Bora Bora on my vacation. HENRY: Sounds great. Can I go too?
Пример:  JOHN: Keep this to yourself. Mary and I are breaking up. SUE: I won't tell a soul.

Keep up the good work. Пожалуйста, продолжайте так же хорошо работать, как и сейчас. (Общеупотреби­тельное выражение поощрения.)
Пример:  FATHER: Your grades are fine, Bill. Keep up the good work. Bill: Thanks, Dad.
Пример:  "Nice play, " said the coach. "Keep up the good work!"

Keep your chin up. выражение поддержки человеку, ко­торому приходится сталкиваться с некоторыми эмо­циональными проблемами.
Пример:  FRED: I really can't take much more of this. JANE: Keep your chin up. Things will get better.
Пример:  JOHN: Smile, Fred. Keep your chin up. FRED: I guess you're right. I just get so depressed when I think of this mess I'm in.

Keep your mouth shut (about someone or something).   He говорите никому о ком-либо или о чём-либо.
Пример: ВОВ: Are you going to see the doctor? MARY: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about it.
Пример:  BOB: Isn't Tom's uncle in tax trouble? JANE: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about him.

Keep your nose out of my business. See Mind your own business.

Keep your opinions to yourself! Я не желаю выслуши­вать ваше мнение!
Пример:  JANE: I think this room looks drab. SUE: Keep your opinions to yourself! I like it this way!
Пример: SALLY: You really ought to do something about your hair. It looks like it was hit by a truck. JOHN: Keep your opinions to yourself. This is the latest style where I come from. SALLY: I won't suggest where that might be.

Keep your shirt on! Потерпите!; Подождите минутку! (Разговорное.)
Пример:  JOHN: Hey, hurry up! Finish this! BILL: Keep your shirt on! I'll do it when I'm good and ready.
Пример:  JOHN: Waiter! We've been waiting fifteen minutes! What sort of place is this? WAITER: Keep your shirt on! JOHN (quietly): Now I know what sort of place   this   is.

Kind of.   See Sort of.

Knock it off! Тише!; Перестаньте шуметь! (Сленг.)
Пример:  JOHN: Hey, you guys! Knock it off! BOB: Sorry. BILL: Sorry. I guess we got a little carried away.
 SUE: All fight. Knock it off! BILL: Yeah. Let's get down to busi­ness.

Know something?   See (Do you) want to know some­thing?

Know what?   See (Do you) know what?

Know what I mean?   See (Do you) know what I'm say­ing?

Know what I'm saying?   See (Do you) know what I'm saying?