Выражения на букву J

Just a minute. AND Just a moment.; Just a second.; Wait a minute.; Wait a sec(ond). 1. Пожалуйста, подождите немного. Пример:  JOHN: Just a minute. BOB: What's the matter? JOHN: I dropped my wallet.
Пример:  SUE: Just a sec. JOHN: Why? SUE: I think we're going in the wrong direction. Let's look at the map.

2. Остано­витесь.; Стойте!
Пример:  JOHN: Just a minute! Mary: What's wrong? JOHN: That stick looked sort of like a snake. But it's all right. MARY: You scared me to death!
 MARY: Wait a minute! BILL: Why? MARY: We're leaving an hour earlier than we have to.

Just a second.   See Just a minute.

Just getting by.   See (I'm) just getting by.

Just goes to show (you). See (It) just goes to show (you) (something).

just let me say   See let me (just) say

just like that просто так; без всяких (дальнейших) об­суждений или комментариев.
Пример:  SUE: You can't walk out on me just like that. JOHN: I can too. Just watch!
Пример:  MARY: And then she slapped him in the face, just like that! SALLY: She can be so rude.

Just plugging along.   See (I'm) (just) plugging along.

(just) taking care of business ответ на вопрос «Что делал в последнее время?; Чем занимался?» (Употребляет­ся также в виде сокращения Т.С.В.)
Пример:  BILL: Hey, man. What you been doing? TOM: Just taking care of business.
Пример:  ANDREW: Look, officer, I'm just standing here, taking care of business, and this Tom guy comes up and tries to hit me for a loan. TOM: That's not true!

(just) thinking out loud. See (I'm) (just) thinking out loud.

Just wait!   See You (just) wait (and see)!

just want(ed) to   See (I) just want(ed) to.

Just watch!   See (You) (just) watch!

Just what you need.   See (It's) just what you need.

Just wondering.   See (I was) just wondering.

Just (you) wait (and see)!   See You (just) wait (and see)!